a networking & service project for the feminist SF community
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what's feministSF.net?

feministSF.net hosts various projects and resources related to feminist SF. It is managed and hosted by feministSF.org, a loose affinity group of feminist SF fans. If you think you have a good project (or a good idea for a project) and would like to be hosted, please contact Laura Quilter, webmistress at feministSF.org. Hosting services can include websites, listserves (mailman), mysql databases, domain name services, shell access, etc.

Hosting services are planned to be free for feminist SF community projects. Individual websites are not part of the plan, but can be considered in hard cases — for instance, financially strapped writers, artists, fan organizers. These can include your own domain name, shell, etc.

Currently Hosted

Projects Suggested or Under Development

Write Laura Quilter webmistress at feministSF.org if you would like to work on one of these projects.